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Connecting Hearts, Empowering Change

Bespoke web solutions for queer and LGBTQ+ changemakers.

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Empowering LGBTQ+ advocacy
through bespoke web design

Hi, and welcome. My name is Carsten Lund Thomsen. I’m a queer UX designer and web developer. With over 20 years of expertise in graphic design, digital user experiences and WordPress development, I specialise in designing unique online identities for international, regional and local LGBTQ+ organisations and companies.

I build websites that are not just online platforms, but engaging gateways to lasting connections with your community and your stakeholders.

A selection of recent clients

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Connecting hearts

Your website should reflect your organisation’s identity, values and mission. It should resonate with your target audience and provide a clear insight into the essence of what you’re doing. Especially in today’s challenging world, LGBTQ+ websites should connect hearts and empower change.

Connecting your community

Your website should connect you to your community and create connections between your community members. It should bring people together and foster relationships.

Let’s create a website that not only represents the essence of your organisation, but makes it tangible, fostering connections that touch hearts and inspire action.

How I work

My first step will be a review of your strategic plan (if you have one) and your current website content. This in-depth review will form the basis of a website structure that not only aligns with your mission, but also simplifies your content for optimal impact and accessibility. This approach benefits your team, your stakeholders and your community.

Secondly, we will work together to develop an interactive prototype of your new website for you to test and evaluate. Your site will be brought to life using modern WordPress technologies and UI/UX best practices. The end result is a distinctive, accessible and easy to navigate website.

Collaboration is essential to any project. Together, we will create a platform that showcases your leadership, strengthens your mission, and helps create a more inclusive world for your LGBTQ+ community.

Comprehensive WordPress and editor support

You should be focusing on advocacy, not the technicalities of running a website. To help you do that, we also offer dedicated WordPress hosting on a private, secure web server to ensure your site is fast and reliable.

After launch, you can benefit from ongoing technical maintenance and editorial support. This allows you to efficiently manage content and keep your site fresh and engaging.

If you are already happy with your website but need a safe and secure hosting space, we would be delighted to host your LGBTQ+ website.

FourteenRockets is our hosting services dedicated uniquely to the LGBTQ+ community.